In July 2021, HelioHost lost cPanel.
It’s about to get Plesk instead.

Switching from cPanel to Plesk will change the HelioHost information.
So this wiki page will be built after I get Plesk.

HelioHost VPS already exists.

🎈 HelioHost VPS | 🎈 BALLOON | FU-SEN

🎈 HelioHost | ふうせん🎈 FU-SEN - 🗾 日本語情報

Table of Contents

HelioHost / HelioNet Official sites

Functions that do not work due to the loss of cPanel

Currently, the following features do not work on HelioHost (not VPS).
This feature comes with Plesk.

  • Control panel
  • Add custom domain
  • Name server operation
  • E-mail
  • https (Sequentially. See item below)

Still, the following operations are possible

  • Web (http)
  • SFTP
  • Database (External management tools can be used)
  • Name server (keeps cPanel lost)

HelioHost user login is not possible. Therefore, suspension has been extended.

can’t browse the web via https

HelioHost has lost cPanel and SSL certificate AutoSSL has not been renewed.
As a result, it will not be possible to refer to https sequentially from September to October.
You can still browse http.

Custom domains have a workaround regardless of the state of HelioHost.
●● (not Official) and ●● (not VPS) are unavoidable.

Server type

In the final plan as of 2021 (It will be postponed to 2022):

  • Tommy: All-purpose. Supports a lot of programming. Maintenance is also a top priority.
  • Ricky: Emphasis on stability, little support for programming languages.
  • Johnny: For testing. It is relatively unstable.
  • Morty: New server. Same specs as Tommy, but only for a fee.
  • VPS: The best paid option. But the application needs to be installed.

Current Plesk migration process

May 2022, it is in the state 2 and 10 in this image:

 HelioHost #support | Discord

For Tommy server, get Plesk first from the big donors.

 HH#490579 comment | HelioNet

Johnny server has been hacked. Therefore, the server was stopped. Root admin is in the process of migrating all accounts on this server to a Plesk-operated server.

 HH#490579ETA Donation Amounts | HelioNet

Then work with Ricky, Morty (new server).

Email support

 Email support | HelioNet

When you send an email to Email Support, it will be posted to the HelioNet forums.
Therefore, please do not include your password or personal information in the email.

If you comment on this post, it will be emailed to the originator.
It is usually done by staff, but general users (members) can also comment.
Be aware of this if you do it.