This is an ideal option if you can donate to HelioNetworks.
You get a more stable server than a shared server.

ย VPS | HelioHost

You need to install web, name server, database, mail
and other applications on your VPS yourself.
Operation with ssh is required.

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Table of Contents

VPS Plans

Price is monthly, You can also make a 6-month contract.

This price is valid from December 2021.
+1GB additional memory was provided for a while.
Type Memory CPUs Storage Price
Mercury 1GB 2 Cores 50GB US$4
Mars 1GB 4 Cores 100GB US$5
Venus 2GB 2 Cores 50GB US$7
Earth 4GB 4 Cores 200GB US$15
Satuan 7GB 8 Cores 200GB US$25
Jupiter 15GB 8 Cores 300GB US$50

There are also Custom options.
You can make detailed settings based on Mercury.

  • Memory: 1GB - 32GB (+$3/GB)
  • CPUs: 2 Cores - 8 Cores (+$0.25/Core)
  • Storage: 50GB - 300GB (+$0.25/25GB)

In Custom, you can select the OS.
But Windows Server is a trial version.

The following is common to all VPSs:

  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • IPv4 address: 1 Dedicated
  • IPv6 address: 1 Dedicated
  • Hostname: Allocation of vpsโ—โ—

CentOS 8

The EOL for CentOS 8 is December 31, 2021.

ย CentOS Product Specifications | CentOS Wiki

Therefore, there is ย Rocky 8 in Custom of HelioHost VPS.

My VPS used Rocky 8, but after a lot of package updates, I couldn’t connect to ssh.
I had to shut down that VPS.

Staff Spac

Staff can use VPS with 1GB memory, CPU 2 Cores, Storages 50GB for free.
This was a regular spec for $4 VPS.
If the staff wants more specs, it’s a normal donation system.


Where is the server?

The VPS is located in the Hurricane Electric data center.
You may know Hurricane Electric by the domain name of

ย Hurricane Electric

Its data center is Silicon Valley, California.

Is payment method other than PayPal possible?

VPS payments are equivalent to donations.
Therefore, you can choose the payment method for donations.

Will VPS be available soon?

No. The VPS admin will do the setup. You have to wait a few days.
If the VPS is out of hardware, it will be a long-term queue. (Monthly)

Can I use a VPS and a shared server together?

Yes. For example, VPS is a Web server and shared server is a mail server.

VPS needs to be rebooted. What should I do?

Post to HelioNet. VPS admin will handle it.

Can I ask a question I don’t understand on a VPS?

Please post to HelioNet Forums or Discord as well as the shared server.
But the contents of each VPS are completely different.
We may not be able to answer your question. You don’t expect an answer.