.balloon domain sample

I like balloons.

I also wanted balloons on the internet.
As a result, I got some balloon.●●● domains.
So I wanted .balloon domains (For example: yourname.balloon)
and I want to deliver balloons all over the world.

The top-level domain has been liberalized,
which is available to large companies with funding as of 2021.
I think this will change in the future. I think it could be an individual.
That’s why I made this a long-term plan.


I’m a registry Can you help me?

Yes of course! I hope you help register the .balloon domains and manage the .balloon domains.
I entrust you with all of that registry management.
I just want to register and use the .balloon domains.

I’m a balloon company, can you help me?

If financial support is available, your company will preferentially use the .balloon domains.
Of course, I would welcome many balloons delivered to Japan.

I also like balloons. Can I personally register and use the .balloon domain?

Yes. I want the .balloon domains to be open to anyone.