From Indonesia, server is New York, Singapore and Japan.

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Note: The 2 domains differ by only 1 character!

Why I’m introducing this server:

  • You can build many environments for free. Node.js, PHP, Ruby, Python.
  • You can use MySQL or PostgreSQL. This is also free.
  • This server is located in Digital Ocean Singapore and New York.

New York was added in April 2021! Administrators have begun to support hosting outside Indonesia.


You can really use it for free! The free plan is:

  • Free Domain (Custom domain is not available)
  • 256 MB Storage
  • 15 GB Bandwidth (year, Therefore 1.25GB per month)
  • 1 Database

If you want to use a paid plan, DOM Cloud seems to be preparing to pay with PayPal.
If you are in Indonesia, DOM Cloud supports a wider variety of payment methods.

This plan is per host (domain). Not per account.
I’ve confirmed that the free plan allows you to create up to 5 hosts.

Free Plan

The free plan is valid for 1 month. This can be extended if you need it.
You can continue to use it with a free plan as long as you take action.

DOM Cloud will notify you of an email prompting you to extend it, but be aware that it is in Indonesian.
Or when you log in to the portal, you can extend it immediately when you notice:
Select a domain - (Host Status) Extension on “Expiry Date”
Of course, you can also upgrade your hosting plan. Please wait for the bill to PayPal.

Server Location

We have a choice of servers:

  • nyc - New York
  • sga - Singapore
  • jpn - Japan (Tokyo)

Currently if you choose a free domain,
it’s regardless of the server. In the past, was adopted in Singapore.
This is currently not selectable and will be stopped later.


This is a feature of this server. You can extract from Git or .zip files instead of using ssh or FTP.

See also here for Nginx settings:

Running the template will completely delete the contents of public_html!
You can back up in advance with ssh or FTP.
When running the template, public_html is the current directory.

You are free to run commands, for example: You can use DOM Cloud Hosting to build and deploy web publishing to other web services.

Simple HTML

It is recommended to add root as the value of root will be maintained in future deployments.

root: public_html


For Hugo 0.84.2, You can build with the desired Hugo and version:

root: public_html/public
- git submodule update --init --recursive
- curl -sS | bash
- webi [email protected]
- hugo

Or if you always want the latest version of Hugo:

- git submodule update --init --recursive
- curl -sS | bash
- hugo

More detailed description:


I have published a project for this:


root: public_html/site
- pip install --user -r requirements.txt
- mkdocs build

Include the pip packages needed for your build in requirements.txt, For example:


More detailed description:


Of course, DOM Cloud supports SSL (TLS).
Here are the certificates that can be issued for free, but you can also choose a custom certificate. (for the free plan, too)

Let’s Encrypt

DOM Cloud will automatically publish and update Let’s Encrypt if the template has the following settings:

- ssl

By default, both https and http are enabled. If you want to force https:

  ssl: enforce



With the freedom of DOM Cloud, you can even use ZeroSSL!
This advantage is significant as there are still few hosting and web services that can use ZeroSSL.

  1. If you have never used ZeroSSL, select Get Free SSL from the ZeroSSL and register for an account. This email address is required to issue ZeroSSL.
  2. Create a host in DOM Cloud. Of course, you can also use the host you have already created.
  3. Log in to ssh and use to issue ZeroSSL.
  4. Log in to Webmin and apply the issued ZeroSSL. and add an automatic update command to cron.
  5. If you use a template, remove the following:
- ssl

More detailed description: